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Close Quarter Fighting

Intense instruction in lethal military hand-to-hand combat methods as taught to U.S. Military and Government Special Operations Units. Defensive methods against one or more assailants, armed or unarmed. Special emphasis on the offensive use of the knife and collapsible baton!

Close Quarter Fighting

Executive Edge


With the ever-growing rise in crime and violent physical attacks on innocent law abiding citizens, a need for affordable instruction in defense skills has been born. Executive Edge™ SURVIVAL SEMINAR is designed to give students defensive skills in fighting, shooting, and driving concepts over a 2-day period (12 hours a day) in a quick, easy and efficient manner.  The seminar is held on weekdays and weekends.

  1. If attacked by a large male assailant, do you feel confident enough in your fighting ability that you could defeat him in a struggle and walk away with little or no injury?
  2. If you own or are thinking of purchasing a firearm, have you had professional instruction in its use?  Can you shoot a bull's eye 9 out of 10 times at 30 yards in 15 seconds?
  3. Have you been trained in accident avoidance techniques?  Did you know that most auto accidents could have been avoided, and are attributed to driver error and lack of driver skills?    By taking a professional driving course, did you know that most insurance companies will award you up to a 20% discount on your auto insurance rates?

It you answered NO to these questions, then you should consider attending the SURVIVAL SEMINAR.  Upon completing the course, you will see a dramatic improvement in your self-confidence and abilities, not to mention receiving first-rate instruction at an unbelievable price!

The course instructors are experts and very experienced; all are veteran police officers, and/or have previous military training. The course fills up quickly and students slots are limited to only 16 persons per class.  So register as soon as possible!  Upon course completion, a Certificate of Participation is awarded.

Defensive Shooting Performace Driving

Right now someone is training to KILL YOU! What are You doing?
Contact us and take a lesson in confidence.

Defensive Shooting

Detailed instruction in the use of semi-automatic and revolver pistols with an introduction to the shotgun and assault rifle. The student will shoot over 250 rounds of ammunition, at distances of 2 feet up to 50 yards. Instruction on cleaning and assembly included! Qualification will be shot using a police combat stress course.

Performance Driving

Precise instruction in advanced driver skills, as taught to professional race car drivers. Heavy emphasis placed on accident avoidance methods, to include steering, braking, cornering, skid control and timing maneuvers at speeds from 5mph to 85mph!

If you are planning to buy an armored vehicle, contact us; we can get you the best package deal or lowest vehicle price.